I want to attain liberty; I want to be free! | Trishila Chatterjee

|| Ask me again, “What do you want to be in life?” My answer is, “I want to be free, to attain Liberty”.

Liberation is not coloring your hair a shade of fiery red, but abolishing the source of your nightmares, may be. Liberation is not smoking a cigarette when you do not find a way to suck in free natural oxygen for your lungs, but trying every possible way to survive that urge when you do not have a cigarette around, may be. Liberation may not be trying out physically harsh water sports despite being physically unfit for those events, but taking a 50-ft. dive in the sea to explore the wonderful world under the sea and learning the importance of every ounce of oxygen you inhale, may be.

A very famous saying goes as, man is born free but everywhere else he is in chains. So, where are these chains? Who puts these chains on us to bind us away in an invisible cage and stopping us from flying like birds? Society? Orthodox family? Human nature? Obligations and liabilities? No! It’s us. Every individual. We are all scared to let go. We try to hold on to things so tight that when they actually slip off we still hold on to the marks of the places where those things used to be. Family and society come later. Our obligations are our own fear of letting go and liberate. Every one of us wants to be free of something. We all are running from something. Everybody has their own demons. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just could stop running for a second and face your demon? If you have lost something, why don’t you try accepting that loss and seeing what happens next? It may be good, or maybe not. But at least you will be free. Human nature is to be scared. Fear is something which drives us to strive hard every day. We are, in fact, bound in the chains of fear. Fear of losing a job, fear of losing a person, fear of lying, fear of getting caught and so on. Our fear leads us to success in a way, but our darkness is also brought about by our fear. The most difficult thing in the world is to face our worst fear. It is. I know because I have been there, done that. But not every time. If you want to be free you must let, go of your fear and let time run its magic. Anyways as many of us believe, fate has everything woven for us beforehand, then why strive hard to fight it. Why not at least try to search for that “in-inner peace” and keep our calm, while destiny decides the course based on our actions. True liberation is letting go of all your inhibitions and just being your true self always without any fear. You are the only one who can truly free yourself and you are the only one who can fight for yourself. Your liberation is your only shot at being happy.

All anyone ever wants in life is to be happy. Some may find happiness in very silly things. Some think happiness comes in class and brands. In pursuit of our concept of happiness we often loose precious moments of real happiness. Money may make you smile, but a hand of love and care, in your hand will bring peace and content to your heart. Little moments of laughter with friends and family are mostly free and go unnoticed, but they are priceless and bring you true happiness. Walking out of someone’s life may seem so easy because now you don’t care for that person but we often miss to identify our mirror image in disguise. When you do realize, it may be too late, since everybody has their threshold of patience and wait. For some it may be seem limitless, but trust me, it’s not. And the day you run out of patience, you will be free of those chains, as well.

In our world, everything comes in steps, in layers. A double tan can be obtained over a weekend in Goa, but getting that tan off your skin will happen only in layers and steps of careful perseverance of skin care. Similarly, freedom and happiness, or liberation, comes in steps. You need to take one step at a time. If you try to take a 50-ft. leap, you would only fall head-fast and hurt yourself badly but you would not be free. A person is free in the truest sense when he does not feel pain, can let go of everything and has love in his heart. Then none of us are free, because all of us have at least one pain point in our lives. We all feel pain. We cry out in pain in our sleep. We wake up to tear stained pillows every day. But suddenly one day will come, when all of this wouldn’t matter anymore. When all the pain in the world would either vanish, or would be worth suffering for. And that day, we will be free. That day, our lungs would not search for nicotine to endure difficult thoughts, but happily take in natural oxygen and be grateful that we still get it for free. That day “moving on in life” would not be such a critical double meaning phrase with so many quotes attached. That day time would have healed every wound and the scars, if any left out, would add to our inner beauty. 

That day would come, of course. And that day, my friend, you will be free. ||


  1. As you always write with heart that touches directly. Today's world fear ya dear fear is the most important thing which is much needed as people will start doing everything and anything if it's they are doing good that still will be accepted and appreciated but they do bad really bad which hurts kills. Everyone today are running like where is my freedom where is my space, it's actually the time to do something for country. Let you start doing good and start a chain of it for humanity automatically what you R thinking will start happening

  2. Well written Trishila. Plz keep sharing more of such works.


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