Artist Arpi Soleil


1. Why do you paint ?

When I started painting I never thought why I'm doing it. I just felt the need: like me, a volcano, and the paintings are my packed lavas. Then, I realized that art is an open playground where you can speak in your own language. So I'm continuing the painting 'cause I have to speak, art is a dialogue in silent.

2. Who is your inspiration ?

You know, it's a very tough question. Inspiration is an uncontrollable emotional process, sometimes you can't memorize from whom and where you got inspired! I think anything can be an inspiration. But mostly, I was inspired by myself. May be it sounds weird, I certainly could have said names of artists, but you know artists do not inspire me now. I  admire and like many artists of course, but mostly I'm inspired by reading philosophy. Also, being in love is an inspiration too, but at that time artists basically draw an admiration of the subject of love, nothing special. Artists today can get inspiration from injustices in the world. An artist must speak about spiritual issues.

3. Your first painting ?

My first  painting was on a black paper- a sunrise. I found out much later that my father had sold that painting for 100 dollars, saying that it was by an anonymous talented artist. It was very funny story.

4. Happiness or Pain: which forces you more , to paint?

(Smiling) Now I work on my new idea and it's about pain and happiness as well. Two in one place (Smiling) I love paradoxes.

5. What was the thought behind this painting?

Nothing special, just an erotic sense. |