Artist : Minowly : Russia

" Artist: Minowly from Russia "


Mri: Why do you paint ?
Minowly: I paint because it helps me to understand this difficult mechanism - how something holistic grows from nothing, from a small seed or a small dot. That's how everything in this Universe works.
And also because lines and colors fascinates me.

 Mri: Why do you paint godess kali?
Minowly: I painted her after reading about Kolkata. Then I had some articles about Indian pantheon and when I got the information about Kali, I got this picture(which I drawn) in my head.
I identify her image with revolution. Her character is related to me.

Mri: How it is related to you?
Minowly: Related, I mean, as a form. As an idea, as a type.

Mri: And who is that guy?
 Minowly: The first two pictures was made for "The little Prince" novel, written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I am planning to make more illustrations to this book and also I want to create illustrations to another de Saint-Exupéry poems and novels.

Mri: Why?
Minowly: He is one of my favourite authors, and "The little Prince" novel just hit my mind when I first read it in my early Childhood.

Mri: What does your sign mean ?
Minowly: My sign is not simply the "om" sign, as it seems. Well, indeed, this is a modificated version of it but it has a meaning only for me.

Mri: Why do you use this sign?
Minowly: I may only say, that it has no practical connection to the sign itself. ||