Pain-একটু হোক ইংরিজি | Trishila

       Second Chances and their mysterious ways...  
                                      Trishila Chatterjee

[Illustration: Andre Levine, US]
Chance is a window that fate opens up for you to peak into your future. When you peak into it, whether you see your future or your past depends on you. Most of the time you don’t even realize the light coming through this window because your eyes will be so used to the darkness and a spark of light will hurt them.
What hurts most? Taking a step and failing in it or never taking the step in fear of failure? Does taking every step not mean that you might fall?
When you are giving love a second chance, you are always scared. You feel you are giving that person another chance to shoot you through the same hole he had made before in your heart. But you still go through with it, just to try your luck or see what happens. Sometimes when someone comes back to you pleading their heartfelt apology, it can actually mean he is sorry for what ever had happened. Sometimes, time is simply not right for some relationships. Everything may be perfect between the couple, yet they would move apart. It may be the time, the situations and also the age. But you can never let go of someone who had made you go weak on your knees for the first time in your life. Everybody has that one person in their life whom they can never let go of, or forget, they will never be able to move on from that one point. There will always be this soft, touchy part in your heart for that guy. The luckier ones get to spend their whole lives with these special ones, the others adjust their lives thinking it to be too good to be true.
What will you do if you get a second chance with someone like that? Someone who had walked out of your life and you had to accept it because it was too perfect to be real. Will you take up the chance to get hurt again? Will you take the leap just to see what lies at the bottom? Will you open yourself up to that liberty to get hurt again? If you are smart, you will not wait for this chance and you walk away. If you are an emotional fool driven by your heart, you will take this chance. Not to let yourself go down the sloppy watery way again, but to see if you can hold up and win against fate this time. Or simply, to steal a chance to live those moments again which were taken away from you. Whom am I kidding, if you still love that person, you will always give him/her a second, third or fourth chance, because that gives you another chance simply to be with him/her.
Second chances to relationships are always different. Sometimes they point out why it was wrong in the first place. Why it did not work out the first time. Some mistakes are not to be repeated a third time. Then it will not be a mistake, it will turn out to be a habit. Sometimes this chance can give you all the happiness in the world. But you will not fly high with hopes since you know the pain of the fall, instead, you will play your cards very safely, double checking every move. You will find yourself more mature and ready for the hurt which you fear may come anytime. Just understand, if that person has walked up to you for a second chance, he/she also wants it. He might also be trying very hard. There is a very good chance that he might also have faced the pain you have. It is often not easy to notice others’ pain and suffering when you are already suffering, but there are always those eyes who speak volumes more than lips ever do. If you think you know someone, their eyes will talk to you. They will tell you everything you need to know. Eyes are mirror to one’s heart. His love, pain, his confusion, complication, everything is so visible like they are screaming at you even when he is talking about everything else in the world but. You also will have the hope that he can see your eyes and speculate an inch of the storm inside your heart and the increase of the velocity of those winds every time he looks at you.
What happens if this second chance does not work out? Will you be more hurt? Will the pain be more? May be, or maybe not. You will anyways be more cautious at each step. So, you can easily see through the glitters, when you are heading to a heart break and you can stop yourself. Or you will be reminded again that this is not meant to happen with all the valid reasons poked into your eyes hard.
And if it works by God’s grace, you will find a relationship which is the more beautiful than anything else in the world. Something you can cherish for the whole of your life. It may not always be a romantic thing. Sometimes, you may get a friend for life. With time, every crack heals, even your heart mends. Feelings change and people move on. This may actually be a chance for you to move on, in disguise. You may get back your old sweet smile or your smile may be more graceful than ever. You may finally find the peace of mind. But unless, you take the dip, you will never know whether the pearl was there in the sea bed or not! 
Take the dip. Give love a chance. Love may have broken you once, but love can also heal you, in unknown, mysterious ways. Say yes to a second chance! 


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