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                Being a Reader | Anwesha Maiti

[Illustration: Buffalo Bonker, US]

Being a reader is a passion few people understand. For most of them reading and writing come in a package – but what if they didn’t? What if a reader is simply that, a person with a love for reading and daydreaming afterwards about the stuff she had read? What if she has no intention of or urge to write? What if reading is all that she ever wants to do? And no, a reader doesn’t want to be a librarian or a bookseller, though s/he certainly doesn’t mind being with books – but that’s what, it would be such a waste of precious time interacting with people when they can be on a date with books, hundreds of them! It would be like House of Pleasure, only more erotic, because like Dumbledore once said to Harry, just because it’s happening inside your head doesn’t mean it’s not real!

There are no outcomes of reading whatsoever, at least none that could be displayed! A dancer can dance and perform in front of an audience and subsequently make a career out of it. Same goes for a writer, a singer, a film-maker and so on. Even if they have to struggle at the least they have a platform to perform on. But reading does not have any performance attributed to it, unless you are a writer and is reading from your new book in front of a bunch of readers. So where would readers go, what would they do for a living? For a reader, following her passion isn’t easy. For one it’s expensive, buying books! And a true reader always despises reading PDF files or on a kindle. Actual books, made with paper and ink is what a reader lives on. Books are lovers who are part of a reader’s life story – to touch a book, to smell it, to hug it in despair or joy is just as important for a reader making out with an actual beau.

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