Translation: Four of us standing at the crossroads : Bhaskar Chakrabarty


‘This way is Heaven’s path’-proclaiming this the mono-eyed woman suddenly vanished.

Standing at the crossroads the four of us laughed-staring at each others’ face

we started laughing

As if to go to heaven

We've been out in the dawn-
with an astonishing umbrella in hand and astounding slippers in feet

We sniff the smell of each others’ body in the eve-in the eve

We peep into each others’ soul and stare

where grief and sin stay

like buried money,where

god puts down his hat and kneels down

Postmaster’s daughter has gone away from home

carrying only the pair of shoes.

With her the pink youth-they’ll go to heaven

In our heaven there are no Saridon

Translation : Priyasha Hoare