Psarokokalo celebrates its 8th year in a row - by Effie Katsigiannis


AISSF Psarokokalo is the biggest international short film festival in Greece with an 8 year-old steady course. This year, over 120 films from all over the globe, will guide us through the world of cinema and will take us to different cultures. Movies that make their debut and well-known, award-winning films will fill our summer nights! Psarokokalo, starting on June 18th, will travel all over Greece and moor off the Aegean and especially in Serifos where it will stay throughout the summer. The package includes workshops, parallel actions, and also best-of movies projections under the summer starry sky. Then, on 10-16 of July, the 8th ISSF Psarokokalo and the 3rd ISSF Psaroloco will keep us company, with award-winning film screenings and premieres! Psarokokalos’s baby brother, ISSF Psaroloco, makes its appearance for the 3rd consecutive year! With selected award-winning short films, which will be screened in English and Greek, and screening program, based on age groups, Psaroloco will introduce the little ones to the magic of cinema!

The festival will be accompanied by parallel activities for kids and adults, such as interesting thematic workshops, done by acclaimed speakers, for parents, educators and teachers. Also, there will be experimental workshops, called Psaroloco Labs, where the kids by creating their own short film, are familiarized with the basic terms of the cinematic experience and media literacy.

Responsible for all of the above, is the non profit company KYKLOS, founded in 2006 in Athens. The main activity of the company is organizing the International Short Film Festival of Athens Psarokokalo, an independent initiative which aims to promote the work of young filmmakers from around the world and to highlight and promote short films. Of course, the company is active in other areas in order to promote activities related to cinema and children and in raising public awareness on environmental issues.

And because we don’t forget about the environment and our fans from all over the world, KYKLOS and the Psarokokalo and Psaroloco festivals, wanting to share with the world the greek island beauty, offer scents from Serifos! 

Savory (Satureja Thymbra), Wild Thyme (Thymus Capitatus), Wild Lavender (Lavandula Stoechas), for those who want to have the Cycladic scent always near them!

If you are a friend of the festival and KYKLOS or want to support us, look for us on the Indiegogo platform, from June 14th!

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